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Civic municipalities need obstacles to provide the kids a place to play and perform their favorite action sport.
If your city does not have a place to skate, your city is the place to skate!

The Freshpark line of Civic programs provide Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, Churches, Schools, Camps, Military Bases, and Recreational Centers a means to have a turn-key skate or bike program. Freshpark has 3 packages that can be folded up and be pushed into a closet on a cart, or wheeled into the provided storage box. Packages come with ramps, rails, boxes, boards, pads, helmets, and storage. Freshpark has the only turn-key skateboard/bmx/scooter/inline program in the world.

Never get tired of skating the same park! With Freshpark interlocking ramps, you can create a new ramp combinations and skate park layouts in minutes!