Park in a Cart Portable Skatepark

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The Park in a Cart Portable Skatepark was designed for the Skate School and municipality skate programs.

The Park in a Cart Portable Skatepark provides you with obstacles that can fold down quickly, and roll into a small closet.

The cart easily fits through a 36" door, and is 60” long.

 This mobile Skatepark is perfect for a skate ministry or skate school.

Los Angeles County uses 32 Skatepark-in -a-Cart setups for its Summer Night Light Programs at 32 Locations. 

Los Angeles has successfully used our obstacles for gang intervention, anti-drug use, anti-obesity, staying in school, and bullying. These programs have lowered the crime in those locations by over 72%, all by just giving the youth something to do from the dangerous hours of 3pm to 7pm.

Woodcraft Rangers & Nike have successfully used the Park in a Cart with their after school programs, and Boys & Girls Clubs. 

Star Education uses Freshpark mobile Skateparks in San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and New York City. STAR has been recognized as a "model program" by the White House and the U.S. Department of Education and received the Fête D'Excellence Award in association with the United Nations, as well as NBC's Unsung Heroes Award. 

The Skatepark in a Cart can entertain anywhere from 1 to 20 skaters at one time. Any of the layouts can be assembled in 15 minutes by one operator.

Park on a Cart Includes:
2 – Quarter pipes
6 – Fun Box / Manual Pads
2 – Launch Ramps
2 – Grind Rails
2 – Safety Rail
2 – Fun Box / Manual Pad Extension Legs
1 – Rolling 2500lb Capacity Cart
1 – Leg and Hardware Storage Bin

Fully Assembled Before Delivery, Add $250 – Take 5 Business Days

-**OPTIONAL: Highway Approved Mobile Trailer**

"Put your Company Logo or Custom Message on each obstacle for an additional 10% charge, call 1-714-369-2495 for details. 

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