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"A lot of times the whole skateboarding culture is given a bad rap but it's a youth culture and one that the city is embracing and celebrating. Freshpark makes sure the kids who have a passion for skateboarding have everything they need right here in their community. This is about our kids having a safe place to come out, exercise and do something they're passionate about."
Lori Dawn Cavin 

"If you are considering buying skate ramps and other accessories for your skate program look no further than Freshpark. There really is no other option if affordability, durability, and portability are important to your purchasing decision. Best of all, when you have a question or concern, they're always available. You just can't do better than Freshpark."
- Dave MacDonald, Fillmore Middle School, Fillmore, CA

"I have two boys, 13 and 17 and the Quarterpipes are a HUGE success. We had a big skate party and had 10 boys in heaven with the product. They are well made and easy to wheel into the garage and store."
- Stacy Fritz

"My son and his friends have been totally enjoying his stuff. A couple of weeks ago they were skating the quarterpipe skate ramp, fun box, and wedge ramp down the street from my house. They have permission from 90% of my neighbors to skate the street, by the curb, in front of their houses and sometimes the neighbors come out with their children to watch. I usually take a chair and sit on the corner so no one can abuse them because they are skaters. My son and his friends were happily doing their stunts (on the side, not in the middle of the street) when a car approached them. This guy and his girlfriend were real jerks and in the past, have deliberately destroyed other skaters' rails and stuff. The guy yells, "Hey, are you gonna move this f***ing thing or what?" My boys did not answer. The guy floored the gas in his car and deliberately ran over my son's ramp. Well, needless to say, the guy almost flipped his car over and ripped off his muffler in the process!!! My son, Jonyull, and his ramp made it through the ordeal like champs! Not even a scratch. I told his friends, "Well, the people from Freshpark said it was indestructible!" The rude guy called the cops and even the cops were impressed by the quality of your equipment! Just thought you guys at Freshpark would enjoy hearing this story. Take care and keep making great stuff!"
- Sharon Kosinski, Skaterboy's Mom, Levittown, PA

"We received our Mike V. Pro-Launch and Mike V. Ultimate Grindrail kit this week. My son was blown away with them! These keep him entertained out front for hours. I don’t always have time to take him to our public skate park here in Costa Mesa, and he is still a little intimidated there, so these are perfect for him to build his skills on here at home. You guys have a great product and we will be purchasing more for him for his birthday in a few months."
-Kelly P., Satisfied Mom

"I am very impressed with your product. I have never had a set of ramps this well built. In the years I have had these jumps i haven't had any problems with them. First, i use your ramps for many things like, scooters, bikes, skateboards and a lot more. I like how your ramps are built sturdy and don't wobble like others. Your ramps also are very transportable because you can fold them up. and easily put them into your car, I like that a lot. I am impressed that they don't warp in the rain. These jumps are very well priced and should continue to be sold in stores and online. Thank you for your time to read this I appreciate your great product and I hope your business continues to grow; also I like how my dirt bike can with stand your ramps."
- Mason, Satisfied Kid

"FreshPark products create an ideal solution to today's skatepark needs at our summer camps. Their durability and mobility allow camps to create skateparks booth indoors and outdoors at their facilities which works great for the entire summer season!"
- Scott Rothschild, American Camp Association (ACA)