Park in a Trailer Portable Skatepark

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Looking to start your own skateboard school, camp or rental program?
Freshpark has you covered with their turn key Action Sports Obstacle Kits. 

Action Sports are more popular than ever and Freshpark has mastered the art of fitting world class, industrial grade obstacles into complete mobile kits. These kits are in use around the globe in Churches, schools, Parks and Rec. Centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, Physical Education programs and the like. Skateboard, Scooter, BMX, Mountain Bikes, R/C Cars, Motocross Bikes, and more can be used on obstacles to entertain and educate riders of all ages. Freshpark can provide the Obstacles, Boards, Pads, Helmets, and all other equipment to allow you to start your own business with ease. The kit includes a halfpipe, quarterpipes, launch ramps, funboxes, manual pads, and grind rails to be set up in an infinite amount of configurations. The obstacles are designed to be configured for beginner to professional level to accommodate all skill sets.

The Park in a Trailer Portable Skatepark by Freshpark was designed for easy transportation. This product is delivered travel ready with all product pre assembled. These trailers are the ideal solution to starting your own skateboard training business, camp, demo or rental program. We have custom built the inside to securely hold all ramps. We also have a storage up front to hold all skateboards, pads and helmets! Best part, when the trailer is loaded you still have an 18" walkway through the middle!
Give us a call today at 1-714-369-2495 and let us tell you about how to start a new business doing what you love.


6 - Quarterpipes
8 - FunBox/Manual Pads
4 - Ultimate Launch Ramps
4 - Safety Rails for Quarterpipes
2 - Grind Rails
1 - Pro-Spine kit
4 - 3-D Park Layouts
10 Complete Boards, Pads & Helmets
Highway Rated Trailer

$500 assembly included

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