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Assembling and Setting up all Freshpark Obstacles is very quick and easy. Before trying to assemble it yourself, please read the instructions carefully to insure maximum performance and safety from your obstacles. There are videos available for you on here also to help you with the fastest way to assemble and tips to linking your obstacles with others. Written instructions came in your box with the product also.

Please don't hesitate to call the Freshpark Office at 714-369-2495 if you have any questions at all. 


- 4x4 Instructions Assembly Instructions (PDF)

- Bank Pyramid Assembly Instructions (PDF)

- BMX Jump Instructions (PDF)

- RC Track Pack Instructions (PDF)

- Combo 2 Double Quarter & Double Fun Box (PDF)

- Combo 1 Double Quarter Pipe (PDF)

- Combo 1 Launch to Grind (PDF)

- Combo 2 Double Launch Grind Box (PDF)

- Combo 3 Double Launch (PDF)

- Combo 1 Double Fun Box/Manual Pad (PDF)

- Mini Park Instructions (PDF)

- Combo 3 Pro Spine Double Quarter (PDF)

Combo 4 Double Quarter Grind Box (PDF)

Funbox Assembly Instructions (PDF) | VIDEO

Grind Rail Assembly Instructions (PDF) | VIDEO

Ultimate Grind Rail Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Half Pipe/ Mini Ramp Instructions (PDF)

- Launch Ramp Assembly Instructions (PDF) | VIDEO

Moto Ramp Instructions (PDF)
Quarterpipe Assembly Instructions (PDF) | VIDEO

Safety Rail Assembly Instructions (PDF) 

Skatepark Lockdown Kit Instructions (PDF)

Starting Gate (Fast Start) Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Wedge Kicker Instructions (PDF)

Park in a Cart Instructions (PDF)