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 RC Quarter Pipe Launch

RC Quarter Pipe Launch
Quarter Pipe Folded for Easy Storage
RC Quarter Pipe Launch
RC Quarter Pipe Launch
Pushing Folded Quarter Pipe on Wheels
Skatepark at Mall for Skateboard, BMX, Scooter
Strong, Sturdy, Adjustable Ramp
RC Quarter Pipe Launch
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Our Quarterpipe sets up in minutes and rockets your RC as far and high as you can send it!

Its detachable wheels and foldability make it portable and easy to store. Built for performance and durability!

The ramp comes with a steel transition toe piece that gives your RC an easy transition to the ramp.

Precision manufacturing and engineering results in a sturdy, yet easy-to-assemble ramp.

  • Foldable & Portable
  • Durable & Weather Resistant

Size: 10' Radius, 72"L x 47" W, 33" H
Weight: 162 LB
Maximum Weight: 500 lbs
Folds up to a 20x20x47 triangle

*Last 10 times longer than wood ramps*


*in the U.S. (excluding HI&AK&PR)