Portable RC Jump

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This Freshpark Portable RC Jump is the first of its kind- incorporating the legs into becoming the carrying handle and locking it closed to keep from any pinching.

The RC Jump is a flat easy angled ramp used for RC. You can add more ramps side by side to make it wider, or end to end to make a spine..

- Foldable & Portable
- Durable & Weatherproof
- Multiple Configurations

*Lasts 10 times longer than wood ramps*

RC Ramps ridden with a human powered device will void the warranty if it break. Do not ride this with a scooter, skateboard, bike, or any human powered device. Only for Remote Control Cars/Trucks.

Size: 41" L x 19" W x 12" H
23 lbs

Maximum Weight: 100 lbs
Folds in half and stacks flat - Legs become the Carrying Handle

Download RC Jump Assembly Instruction (PDF)