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Mineola Skate Park

-Mineola, Texas-

The Flint & Steel Coalition team reached out to us and we discussed the possibility of building a portable skatepark for their project, The Grind.
We talked through the best possible builds with ramps and rails, and once we got to know their layout and what they wanted to do with the park, we recommended our easily portable Park In A Cart with a few additions. 
They shared with us about their organization and the purpose of their GRIND Program and the quarter pipes and jumps to be used as a way of giving back.
We were stoked that they wanted to work with us. So we quickly put the custom kit together and shipped it out the them, fast!
The organization, Flint & Steel Coalition, believes skateboarding has countless parallels to everyday life. Outside of getting kids off their phones for a while, they teach skate techniques, while having open discussions about how the lessons relate to other aspects of life.
“The GRIND Program” was created to reach all types of interested youth, particularly at-risk youth, by meeting them in an area of common interest. They provide them with the feeling of being counter-culture within the walls of a safe and positive environment that is actively encouraging positive behavior instead of reinforcing negative ones.
“The GRIND Program” meets Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, weekly. They EVEN gift the kids a skateboard (deck, trucks and wheels), pads and a helmet if they stick around for the whole program!
We love what they stand for and how they're shifting their community! Let's show them some love and support.
| Mineola Skate Park |
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