are obstacles that can be transported, linked, placed, or moved with only one or two people. No fork lift required. In the world of action sports there is always an obstacle needed and Freshpark is the only company in the world that can do what it does!

Skateboarding you need boxes, rails, curbs, ramps, wedges, benches, poles, and anything else the street has taught you how to hit. Freshpark is the world's leader in portable, linkable, and fold up. Along with producing over 25 obstacles under the Freshpark Brand, Freshpark also makes obstacle for Element, Darkstar, and Mike V.

Motoneeds jumps to get off the ground. For motorcycles, ATV’s, and UTV’s, these portable 3 step jumps were specially designed through Freshpark and Off Road super legend Ricky Johnson to be strong, and fun. Also used as a training tool to teach proper body and bike mechanics in the jumping process.

Bikes and Scooters need boxes, rails, curbs, ramps, benches, and wedges for dirt or street. Wake Boarding and Wake Skating need a wake, but also they use anchored obstacles. Freshpark will be the first to have toe-able obstacles, such as fun box, grind bench, launch ramp, and grind rail. All obstacles will break down into a bag to be carried on your personal watercraft or boats.

Radio Controlled off-road trucks and cars need obstacles to jump off of, race over, or speed around. Freshpark is the first to put together an entire Track in a Box for RC racers. The entire kit will come with whoops, jumps, table tops, wedges, a carrying bag, even a Team 1/10th scale body. All of this will fold up and go into the bag to carry away for another day.

Civic municipalities need obstacles to provide the kids a place to play and perform their favorite action sport. If your city does not have a place to skate, your city is the place to skate. The Freshpark line of Civic programs provide Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, Churches, Schools, Camps, Military Bases, and Recreational Centers a means to have a turn-key stake or bike program. Freshpark has 3 packages that can be fold up and be pushed into a closet on a cart, or wheeled into the provided storage box. Packages come with ramps, rails, boxes, boards, pads, helmets, and storage. Freshpark has only turn-key skateboard/bmx/scooter/inline program in the world.